The services of D-SOFT Web Design Studio

These General Terms and Conditions regulate the basic rules and features of using the site and the services offered by D-SOFT Web Design Studio for web design and website development / personal, company, online store, web portal, social network, etc./, site technical support, SEO optimization with active support provided for front positions in search engines, active Content Management System / CMS /, logo design, etc.

I. General provisions

  1. “Web Design Studio D-SOFT” is a trademark of “Dragosoft” EOOD, UIC: 204279371, hereinafter referred to as the Studio .
  2. The services offered by the Studio are performed after signing a bilateral contract for production according to a model in which “Dragosoft” EOOD is a party as a Contractor , and the client as a Client ;

II. Scope of work

  1. The scope of the works is defined in the construction contract or in an annex which is an integral part of it;
  2. When the Contractor’s offer is used for definition, it is attached to the construction contract and has a value of definition for the scope of the works that the Contractor is obliged to perform;
  3. The scope of the works uses definitions that should be treated as follows:
  • Base page – a screen from a website with a size that does not require scrolling at a screen resolution of up to 1920x1200px, implemented with HTML / DHTML resources
  • Dynamic page – screen from a website dynamically generated by PHP / MySQL code executed on the server; One dynamic page can dynamically generate the content of many pages with identical content that are not paid once;
  • Level of complexity – complexity of web design or programming defined by the Contractor through exemplary implemented projects;
  • Module – a pre-programmed part of the site, which performs certain functionality within the entire site and is paid once;
  • Basic structure – pre-programmed structure of a website with set locations of the main navigation elements;
  • Graphic design – pre-designed design of the website, with a proposal for the location of the main navigation elements, colors and structure of the information;
  • Hosting – space for functioning of the website with guaranteed visibility and reliability and provided Content Management System (CMS) , which is paid to the Contractor periodically;

III. Manufacturing process

  1. The Assignor should provide all source materials on the site within 7 days of signing the construction contract;
  2. The Assignor should approve or reject the proposed projects or functionalities of the site within 7 days of their submission;
  3. The lack of expressed opinion under item III 2. the right of the Contractor to assess the optimal decision in relation to the interests of the Assignor is accepted for approval or transfer;
  4. The Assignor receives a username and password with which to monitor in real time the work on the site and to express an opinion in order to achieve the optimal end result for him;
  5. Changing the structure or design of the site after its approval may lead to re-execution of the programming of the structure or the entry of information. In this case, the Contractor may request additional payment for the work that has been performed repeatedly, according to the current hourly rate of the Studio for the relevant services;
  6. Early termination of the contract may be required by either party with two weeks’ notice. In these cases the Assignor owes to the contractor an amount in the amount of the work performed up to the moment of the notice calculated according to the price list;
  7. The Assignor pays only that part of the work on the site directly performed by the Contractor; The introduction of additional information within the content management system is free of charge, as long as it is within the scope of the agreed activities;

IV. Copyright and property

  1. The Assignor acquires copyright on the images made under the contract, as well as the graphic design of the information provided;
  2. The Assignor is responsible for all claims of third parties to information or images on the site placed after its written approval.
  3. The code and functionality of the Content Management System of the website are the exclusive intellectual property of the Contractor, unless they are subject to the GPL or other license for free use.

V. Activating a website

  1. The activation of the website is done after its approval by the Assignor and payment of the final price for the construction of the Contractor;
  2. The Contractor is not responsible for the content of the site after its approval.

VI. Prices and payment

  1. All prices and package offers listed on the pages of the Studio’s website and / or its landing pages are for information only and do not have the force of a price offer. The final prices of the services should be negotiated individually with each client.
  2. Upon signing the contract, the Assignor pays in advance 50% of the agreed amount and 50% after the site is completed. With a one-time payment of the entire amount, the client receives a discount on the total price of -5% for amounts over BGN 250.
  3. In case of refusal of the order by the client – amounts paid in advance are not refunded.
  4. All services worth up to BGN 300 are paid 100% in advance.

VII. Support

  1. Within the annual hosting fee, the Contractor provides the opportunity for the Assignor to edit and develop its site through a development environment for building and maintaining corporate websites called Website Content Management System (CMS) ;
  2. The Contractor cannot be held responsible for the non-functioning of the site caused by non-payment of the hosting fee or domain registration;
  3. The Contractor takes care of the functionality of the CMS and answers questions related to the use and within the agreed activities;
  4. The contractor takes care of the good ranking of the site in search engines within the CMS ;
  5. The Contractor is not responsible for modules and templates purchased and installed by the Assignor and / or third parties, as well as for incompatibilities and / or conflicts caused by them to the normal operation of the site.
  6. The Contractor does not provide free technical support of the developed sites after their delivery, unless it is included in the price of the package or is not agreed in addition.

VIII. Security and protection of personal data.

The studio applies measures for the protection of personal data of the user in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European regulation GDPR. The Studio’s website is secured with an SSL certificate for data encryption and security enhancement.

The studio has the right to collect and use information about its users when the person registers as a User. The information by which the person can be identified may include name, surname, date of birth, sex, as well as any other information that the person provides voluntarily upon registration. The information includes any other that the User enters, uses or provides when ordering, receiving or using services through the site, as well as landing pages of the studio, participating in promotions, filling out questionnaires, questionnaires, forms and more.

1. Processing of information about the User

The Studio takes due care and is responsible for protecting the information about the User, which became known to him in connection with the provision of services – subject to these General Terms, except in cases of force majeure, accident or malicious acts of third parties.

By agreeing to these General Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to the information about him to be processed in the manner prescribed therein.

The restrictions do not apply in the event that the User or persons under his control have committed malicious acts within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions or have violated the rights or legitimate interests of third parties. In this case, the Company has the right to provide personal information about the User to the relevant competent state authorities in accordance with applicable law.

2. Purposes for which the information may be used

The studio collects and uses the information for the purposes provided in these General Terms and Conditions, as well as for offering new services to the User (free or paid), for goods and / or services offered by others, for promotions, raffles, inquiries, surveys, to adjust the services offered to the preferences of the User, for statistical and other purposes. The described purposes for which the information is used are not exhaustively listed and do not create obligations for the Studio.

By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to the processing of his personal data for the purposes of direct marketing. The user has the right to object to the processing of his personal data for the purposes of direct marketing by sending a written notice to the Studio at the specified address, telephone or e-mail for contacts.

The user has the right to be informed before his personal data is first disclosed to third parties or used on their behalf for the purposes of direct marketing by giving him the opportunity to object to such disclosure or use.

The Studio undertakes not to disclose any personal information about the User and not to provide the collected information to third parties – government agencies, companies, individuals and others, except in cases where:

  • has received the explicit consent of the User upon registration or at a later time;
  • the information is requested by state bodies or officials, who according to the current legislation are authorized to request and collect such information in compliance with the legally established procedures;
  • other cases specified in the law.

THEM. Dispute resolution

Disputes between the parties under these General Terms and Conditions shall be resolved through direct negotiations between them. In the event of disagreement, either party may request the assistance of the competent judicial authorities.

H. Applicable law

In the application and interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions , as well as for all issues not settled by these General Terms and Conditions, the Bulgarian and European legislation shall apply.

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