Logo design and production

What is needed, how can we realize it?

Logo design and production

Every self-respecting company, organization or institution has a logo that identifies itself to its customers and partners. Examples of this are many – the ubiquitous Apple or Microsoft window, the Linux penguin, the three-pointed star of Mercedes and many others. The logo is a key element of the corporate style of any company and is a stylized image of the name and / or activity of the company containing a font, graphic image or a combination of both. It serves to identify, promote and establish the company, brand or organization in society and the economic field in which it wishes to develop and establish itself.

The logo must be stylish, memorable, easily recognizable and, above all, of course unique . It should be easily reproduced on advertising materials, starting with business cards, chemicals and calendars and ending with billboards, billboards, interactive ads and more.

What do we offer?

⇒ Conceptual design , design and production of a logo after specifying all the details and requirements related to your corporate style;

⇒ Consultation and corrections of the details of the logo design if necessary, according to your requirements;

⇒ Production of your logo in vector and raster format with high quality and provision of portable media – CD / DVD or flash drive, together with all available documentation containing information about the used parameters and color modes.

⇒ Redesign of a logo – processing, supplementation and correction of an already made logo.

How much will it cost to make your logo?

You can see detailed information about the prices for making a logo in the PRICES section of our website.

How to order your logo?

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