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Website optimization or SEO / Search Engine Optimization / is a set of actions and techniques aimed at achieving the most favorable positioning and ranking of your website in the results of search engines such as Google , Bing , Yahoo .

There are hundreds of millions of websites on the Internet and thousands of new web pages are opened every day. This makes the virtual network a very dynamic environment full of all kinds of information. The only way to get the information we are looking for is through search engines on the Internet. Over 80% of internet traffic is due to the use of search engines by online users to find goods, services and information. In order for more users to reach your site, it must be ranked at the top of search engine results. Statistics show that users check the search results in the best case to the third page.

Proper and ethical optimization is key to lasting and stable positioning of your site. Whatever we talk about, the most important factor for ranking sites is the quality of the content they offer. Search engines “like” pages with unique and useful content , and vice versa – they penalize pages and publications with poor quality, misleading or copied content.

What are the stages of SEO optimization?

⇒ On-page optimization

To find and index information on the World Wide Web, search engines use so-called virtual robots or spiders that crawl web pages and index their content. These are programs that operate and classify information according to pre-set criteria and algorithms by programmers. These criteria and algorithms are constantly changing. Google does not make sense of indexed information the way the human brain does, and this should be kept in mind when creating content. The process of internal optimization is an analysis of the published content, selection of the most frequently used keywords when searching for information on the topic on the web and including them / within reasonable limits / in publications, processing the content if necessary, building meta tags with appropriate keywords, building useful internal and external links in the content and structure of your site, building a site map, etc.

⇒ External (on-page) optimization

This is a process of constantly promoting your website on social networks , building useful and authoritative hyperlinks to your page in order to generate more visits. The more visits are reported to your site, the higher it ranks in the rankings, BUT you should also be careful when building links, as indiscriminate placement of links to a page in many sites that have nothing to do with information on your site can damage your ranking in search engine rankings. Care must be taken “not to oversalt the pot”.

The process of SEO optimization of a website is a continuous process that begins with its development . The criteria and algorithms of search engines are constantly changing, but the most important thing is the content we offer to users. It must be useful and high quality and be supplemented and changed if necessary to be relevant and interesting for consumers.

What do we offer?

⇒ SEO consulting

Together we will define your SEO goals and develop a realistic strategy for achieving them. Each SEO strategy is unique to the individual client. Each business and respectively site has its own unique features and specifics of development.

⇒ Technical audit

Perform a technical audit of the site to ensure that search engines can find, crawl and index your pages for maximum visibility.

⇒ Keyword selection and market research

Researching the market and the competitive environment and selecting the right keywords are crucial to developing the right SEO strategy. We will create a realistic forecast of development opportunities within your market. Implementing an SEO strategy is a long-term investment and aims to permanently position your site in your market segment.

⇒ Link Building

Link building is an outdated terminology for online marketing. He is often forgotten or not given enough importance, knowledge and time, but good links are still the main criterion when ranking sites. Today, “link building” is a comprehensive marketing strategy, covering the creation of links in reference sites, online advertising, creating a presence on social networks, the ultimate goal of which is to make people talk about your brand.

⇒ Pay Per Click (PPC) Management / Pay Per Click /

Paid search marketing or in other words advertising campaigns on Google and social networks are the fastest and most controllable way to present your business to people who are looking for your products or services. Because you only pay for quality traffic, you can determine your budget very precisely and the return on advertising investment is very high. When you advertise your site on Google and Facebook, you pay a cost per click on your ad. We’ll refine your ads to show on specific keywords and phrases, geolocation and target age groups, and other relevant criteria. In this way, we attract only quality traffic to your site and optimize your advertising campaigns to the maximum.

We will optimize your site using ONLY permitted and ethical optimization techniques;

Subscription support at reasonable prices to keep your site always at the top of the search engine rankings.

Professional and loyal attitude to our clients and partners.

Guarantee for quality SEO optimization and excellent ranking.

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