Prices for making an online store

Making an e-shop – the necessary investment!

Online commerce is getting deeper and deeper into our lives. As consumers, we are increasingly reaching for the keyboard and mouse when choosing and purchasing goods and services. Every self-respecting business maintains, in addition to the traditional retail space, an online presence in the virtual space through its website and e-shop. Building and maintaining an online store is many times more profitable investment than building and maintaining a traditional one, but if we want to have a functional and working e-shop we must take into account a number of factors, such as what audience our product will be targeted – Bulgarian or multilingual, what products we will offer, what payment systems we would like to install, what management tools we want and a number of other functionalities that will turn your e-shop into a powerful and profitable online trading system. The technical construction of the online store is accompanied by a number of no less important processes such as optimization and maintenance, maintaining a presence on social networks, which help to better position the store in the rankings of virtual search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. , which in turn gives us an advantage over competing sites.

In view of the above, we present to you:

Example offer for making an online store:

  • Responsive design – the site will be displayed equally well on all devices – desktop and mobile;
  • Platform / CMS / – Prestashop;
  • Administrative panel in Bulgarian or English;
  • Individual design – according to a pre-prepared graphic design and / or pre-specified and written in the assignment requirements for functionality and vision;
  • Ability to create menus, categories and pages – unlimited number;
  • Possibility to create products and product categories – unlimited number;
  • Possibility to import products from XLSX or CSV file / fill in a sample file /;
  • Creating main pages and their initial filling with content / text, images, etc./;
  • Creating a main menu and additional menus;
  • Initial filling of the store with products;
  • Payment methods – bank transfer, cash on delivery, / Credit and debit cards via PayPall, Skrill, Stripe, ePay, MyPos optional /. It should be noted that PayPall does not yet support BGN ;
  • Delivery method – Fixed rate, Speedy, Econt / the platform supports full integration with Speedy and Econt /;
  • Automatic email notifications;
  • Statistics of visits;
  • Creating a contact form;
  • Search engine;
  • Blog section;
  • Affiliate system in the ability to register affiliate profiles, generate referral links, set commissions and the ability to track accruals and activity in the affiliate profile;
  • Social integrations – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc .;
  • Language of the site – Bulgarian / with the possibility to add additional languages * /;
  • Currency – BGN / with option for additional currencies /;
  • Configure SSL security certificate.
  • On-page SEO:

    • Accelerate the loading of the site for mobile and desktop devices by caching the content and optimizing the multimedia files – achieving a loading speed of the site in less than 1 sec. for requests from servers in the host country and less than 4 sec. for requests from remote servers.
    • Compress the content of the site, including and activate GZIP compression.
    • Optimize CSS, HTML and Javascript.
    • Creating an xml map of the site.
    • Creating unique meta-titles and descriptions of the pages and product categories on the site.
  • Display of a message about the “cookies” and the conditions of use of the site, according to EU requirements;
  • Video or online training for working with the administrative panel;

Production price – EUR 2,200 *

* The indicated price is indicative and does not represent a commercial offer. You can receive a real offer only after a detailed consultation with our representative and specification of all parameters and requirements specifically for your project.

The acceptance of an order for the production of the site is formed by a contract for the production according to a sample. All payments are made by bank transfer, upon presentation of an invoice.

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