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Website technical support and SEO are interrelated and complementary processes, but they are not completely identical. The technical support of the website is aimed at regular updating of information, publication of new articles, removal of non-existent or damaged links, removal of bugs, protection against hackers and more. All these processes are directly related to better site optimization, but SEO is a much more comprehensive concept and includes many more tools and techniques. If we have to summarize in two words, the technical support of a website are internal processes related to regular updating of information and troubleshooting, while the main goal of SEO support is focused primarily on the external presentation of the site in the global Internet space and ranking in virtual search engine results. Given the above in the price for SEO we have included as a bonus and technical support of the site.

As a separate service, our prices for technical support of a website depend on a number of factors such as site size, number of pages, number of posts per month, internet traffic intensity, frequency of content changes / media sites – number of images and videos which are published, etc.

Our subscription plans for website maintenance are linked to the Minimum Wage in the Republic of Bulgaria and represent a percentage of the minimum wage depending on the above factors, namely:

Sites with informative and presentation character:

  • Up to 10 main pages – 10% of the minimum wage for the Republic of Bulgaria
  • From 10 to 49 pcs. main pages – 20% of the minimum wage for the Republic of Bulgaria
  • From 50 to 99 pcs. main pages – 50% of the minimum wage for the Republic of Bulgaria
  • From 100 to 200 pcs. main pages – 1 / one / minimum wage for the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Over 200 pcs. main pages – negotiable.

Online Stores:

  • Up to 99 products – 20% of the minimum wage for the Republic of Bulgaria
  • From 100 to 999 products – 50% of the minimum wage for the Republic of Bulgaria
  • From 1000 to 4999 products – 1 / one / minimum wage for the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Over 5000 products – negotiable

Definition of main page – main page in a website is a page that is part of the permanent structure of the website and contains information of paramount importance, including the home page of the site. Examples – Home, About us, Services, Products, Portfolio, Contacts, Blog, etc., as well as their subpages which are an integral part of the structure of the site.

When determining the number of pages, the number of languages supported by the site being supported is taken into account. Each language version counts as a separate page.

In case of change of the minimum wage for the country, the subscription maintenance fee is automatically indexed with the percentage of increase or decrease of the minimum wage, unless otherwise agreed. The indexation of the subscription service fee is formed with an annex to the subscription service contract.

The provision of website maintenance services is formed by a subscription support contract according to a sample, containing a detailed description of the agreed parameters between the contracting authority in the person of the client and the contractor in our person. Payment is made by bank transfer after issuing an invoice for the services provided.

Sample offer for technical support of a website up to 10 pcs. main pages:

  • Monitoring the proper operation of the site by monitoring a set of indicators – including loading speed, caching of content, compression of new multimedia content, etc .;
  • Adjustments to the design and structure of the site and editing of the existing content – up to 1 / once / weekly or less, but not more than 2 working hours per month;
  • Monitor for any potential problems with the operation of the website (bugs, hacker attacks, broken links, etc.), as well as readiness for their quick elimination
  • Periodic backups of the site / min. 1 time a day /;
  • Update components (themes, plugins, libraries) and their adequate integration;
  • Monitoring and replacement of certain sections of the site code when updating (upgrading) the used software versions and stopping the use of obsolete ones.
  • The time to fix a problem is 24 hours. The term starts from the moment of submitting the signal for a problem with the operation of the website. This period does not apply in the event of a problem in the operation of modules and scripts developed by third parties or external developers. In these cases, the module or script is replaced with an alternative one or is suspended until the problem is resolved by the developer of the respective module / script.
  • In case of a request for change of information in the main database, as well as for changes in the design, the term is determined depending on the complexity of the change, for which the Assignor will be duly known.

* The prices do not include the value of additional plugins and scripts that the client would like to be developed and implemented further on the site.

Complete changes in the design and structure of the site / changing and / or creating a new theme, creating landing pages /, implementing and setting up new plugins and scripts requiring additional programming and / or creating a new design are paid extra by agreement according to the hourly rate Contractor’s rate.

Price for technical support – 71 EUR / month

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