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Technical support of the website

You already have a well- designed and well-optimized website, online store, catalog or other web application. However, depending on the activity you perform and the purposes for which you use your site, the information in it must be updated periodically. New publications need to be uploaded, prices of goods, types of items, new photos and a number of other changes need to be changed, taking into account the individual characteristics of each site and activity. You need to follow the latest changes and trends in the industry, be aware of what the competition has to offer and this should be reflected in the information we publish on our website.

Whether you are a small company with a static site or a large online store, you will need professional site technical support to be well positioned in search engine rankings. Installing updates, fixing bugs, replacing obsolete modules, monitoring, optimizing the loading speed, code fixes. We are always here and we will help you. You can choose one of our subscription support plans. You can request one-time services or just call us when you need help.

There are several options for technical support of the site – the owner of the site to maintain it himself, to hire competent and qualified staff / this is mandatory for e-shop / to deal with the maintenance or hiring of a specialized external company . The latter option is best when the site has an informational or presentation nature, changes are made once a week or less often. In this case, the maintenance would cost several tens of levs per month.

We offer you:

»Periodic monitoring and systematic optimization of your site;

»Consulting and corrections / if necessary / when publishing content on the site;

»Correction and / or removal of wrong or missing pages;

»Discount of 20% when renewing the subscription after the first year of the contract.

»Quality subscription support at reasonable prices *.

* We also provide one-time site maintenance services , which are charged at the company’s hourly rate (10% of the minimum wage per hour including VAT)

You can see the current prices for site maintenance in the PRICES section of our site.

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