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Why is an organic schedule important?

The users who visited the site through organic search are users with a specific intention. One such intention may be to purchase a product or service. When your website is at the forefront of Google and matches the product you are looking for, you have the highest chance of making a sale.

We offer the service SEO / Search Engine Optimization / – optimization of web pages whose goal is to make sites easy to find for search engines such as Google , Bing , Yahoo and to generate more visits, and hence higher revenue for their owners . For sites that are not developed by our specialists, we perform a mandatory SEO-audit to determine the status of the site in view of the subsequent optimization and the necessary measures in this direction. In this sense, the service is divided into two stages – SEO audit and SEO subscription support.

Price for audit – the price for SEO audit is determined depending on the size of the site – number of pages, categories, publications and more. and varies from BGN 600 to BGN 1200.00 with VAT. Deadline for the audit – up to 25 working days. After the end of the audit, the client receives a detailed report on the state of the site with recommendations for changes and identified measures for better optimization.

Sample offer for SEO on a presentation site up to 10 pcs. main pages:

On-page SEO:

⇒ Accelerate the loading of the site for mobile and desktop devices by caching the content and optimizing the multimedia files – achieving a loading speed of the site in less than 1 sec. for requests from servers in the host country and less than 4 sec. for requests from remote servers.

⇒ Compression of site content, including activation of GZIP compression.

⇒ Optimize CSS, HTML and Javascript.

⇒ Creating an xml map of the site.

Off page SEO:

Objectives of the SEO campaign:

⇒ Increasing sales of products and services by increasing organic traffic on competitive keywords to the site;
⇒ Increasing the overall visibility of the site in by relevant keywords;
⇒ Improving the positions when searching for the offered products in;
⇒ Imposing the brand in the search engine

What we offer:

1. Crawl the entire structure of the site, give recommendations and implement the correct structure in the context of SEO.
2. Keywords Research – Selection of the most competitive words with high average monthly search.
Why is keyword research important? – Choosing the most relevant and effective keywords is the basis of a successful SEO campaign. All further actions such as changes in the structure of the site, content creation and building external links are based on the selected keywords.
* Keywords are chosen together with you, in view of your highest priority products.
3. Detailed analysis of the content, focusing on a class. word to a page and prevent traffic from being mixed between related products.
4. Analyze the internal links and architecture of the site.
As a result of the results of the above analyzes, the optimization process continues with the following activities:
5. Content optimization:
5.1. Create or optimize available content that matches the relevant keywords you choose. The process includes creating the content, publishing it on the site and building internal links to the pages we optimize (internal links);
5.2. Monthly gradual increase in the number of external links to the site from relevant external sites.
* External links are built from sites hosted on different IP addresses (different c-class networks). This is an important factor because search engines can distinguish the IP addresses from which your site has links. When a site has too many links from the same IP address (c-class networks), this may result in a penalty from Google or a loss in the value of those links and a reduction in the ranking of certain keywords.
Building external links from different IP addresses provides a natural link profile on your site and increases the chances of a better ranking for the selected keywords.
It is important to build external links slowly and step by step in order to preserve the naturalness of the process in the eyes of the search engine.
5.3. Maintaining the “News” section, in which articles with a volume of at least 400 words will be published. This will provide constantly new content and the opportunity to rank the site on a larger number of organic keywords.
4. The client receives a monthly detailed report on the activities performed, the ranking of the site by relevant keywords in the Google search engine and overall states of limited traffic to the site.

Price parameters

Monthly subscription text that includes:

⇒ Monthly writing and publishing articles in order to increase external links to the site according to the monthly budget set by the client;

⇒ Writing and publishing two articles with a volume of 400 words in the blog section of the site per month;

⇒ Monitoring the SEO status of the website and making changes as needed due to updates in Google’s algorithms;

⇒ Detailed monthly analysis and report on the selected keywords and the overall organic presentation of the website by multiple indicators.

Price for SEO – EUR 400 / month

+ additional monthly budget determined by the client for building external links.

*** The construction of external links will be carried out by websites with a minimum Domain Authority of 20 and according to the requirements for the best ranking (use of correct anchor text, tags, etc.). Link building can be campaign-based, not monthly, based on the current ranking of certain keywords.

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