Domain registration and hosting selection

Every IT specialist and WEB-master knows what a domain and hosting is, but for many ordinary users this is not the case. Simply put, a domain is the name of a website on the Internet. Depending on the extension, domains can be global or international – managed by ICANN and local or national – managed by the respective national registrar. The most famous domain extensions are .com, .net, .info, .org. Examples of national domains are .bg, .de, .uk and others.

Choosing and registering a domain is the first and most important step in building a website, the name can only contain letters, numbers and dashes, it must be unique, short and beautiful. When choosing a domain, you invest in a trademark that characterizes your brand or company name. When choosing domain and hosting solutions, we trust and partner with our friends from Delta and Jump.BG. When choosing a domain for a business-oriented site or online store, it is good to keep your domain with several extensions – preferably the most famous, because when buying a domain it remains unique only for the extension you have chosen and there is always someone else to create a domain with the same name but with a different extension.

Hosting is where your website is installed and stored. When choosing hosting, it is important what audience your site is aimed at. If it is aimed primarily at Bulgarian audiences, it is good to choose a Bulgarian hosting provider, if it is aimed at customers in the US, say, it is good to choose a hosting provider from the United States, this has to do with the loading speed of your site. its better search engine optimization. Another important factor is the support offered by the hosting company – all major hosting providers offer 24/7 support to their customers and 99.9% uninterrupted connection (uptime).

Domain and hosting prices

domain and hosting prices vary within different providers. Hosting companies offer periodic promotions of individual domain extensions, as well as promo codes. Using our services you will take advantage of a promo code for a discount when registering a domain and purchasing hosting. The approximate price for the purchase of a national .bg domain is BGN 58.00 with VAT, and for a global one around BGN 23.00 with VAT. The price of a basic hosting package suitable for new and lighter web sites up to 10 pages is about BGN 70.00 * depending on the provider.

* The indicated prices are for 1 / one / year.

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